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Quilters World August 2021

Quilters World August 2021

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! It Takes A Village is the theme for this autumn issue of Quilter’s World. Whether they’re sleepy neighborhoods, farmhouses, or groups of fellow quilters, we’re celebrating communities and how they stitch us all together. Within these 17 projects, you can find several featuring houses and barns placed in creative motifs.

  • Celebrate good neighbors! Inspired by neighbors who came together during the pandemic, the Cul-de-Sac quilt is a beautiful reflection on communities and friendship. Beautiful blues and grays combined with fun piecing techniques will brighten any room of your home.
  • Farmhouse favorites! Mix and match a fun collection of strips to build your own whimsical chicken roost in the Doodle-Doo pattern. Mixing up some of the fabric prints adds a few rebels to the colorful coop.
  • Eye candy! Inspire sweet smiles with the Lollipop Dreams quilt. Use bright, fun solids to make the cute design to brighten any bedroom and add a little sweetness to nap time.

  • Plus, you won’t want to miss our special article by Annette Plog on hosting a block exchange and the accompanying pattern. Discover all this and more when you download (or subscribe) today!

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